“Informer” by Snow

This actually happened.

"Infooorm-AH?! Anoga balam marla fadda bunga dollar fuego... a leaky bum-bum nooowww..."

(blurry shot of gyrating woman ass)

Me: 😐

"...youKnowYo'SonHeLooksLikeAWhale-O, a leaky bum-bum nooowww..."

(blurry shot of gyrating woman ass)

Me: 😐

"blah blah blah blabbity diggity blaaaoooh, a leaky bum-bum nooowww..."

(blurry shot of gyrating woman ass)


“Crimson Pain”

This is a poem I wrote in January 2000. Clearly I was “going through some stuff”, haha. Enjoy.

The Darkness, the Nightmares I embrace
Black night, cold wind, my solace
I'm in Crimson Pain…
It warms me, echoes in the emptiness
Within that which must be put to rest
What a terrible shame…
Laughter like agonizing screams ring
Tear my inner ear apart, raw and bleeding
I Reject The Name…
Ironic comedy never quells the Hell within
Drives me to insanity oblivious of feeling
The Nightmare is my dame…
I reject the name…
What a terrible shame…
I'm in crimson pain…
Your NIGHTMARE… is my gain.

Dean Pounced On His Pet Lion

So there’s this man Dean Schneider, AKA “Dean the Animal Lover”, who has a YouTube video where he snuck up on a pet lion from behind and startled it! The fun part is just the first 20 seconds. I watched the entire 3-minute video, which explains WHY that sneaking and pouncing behavior is normal for Lions. That was totally educational for me, since I’ve always assumed that THAT particular behavior was instinctive hunting practice, and would not be welcome from members of another species.

Which is why, I thought that the interaction between Leo and Dean went more like this:

Dean: “Hey folks check it out, I’mma creep up on Leo and scare him while he’s drinking. Watch this.” 😉

[Leo drinks peacefully]
[Dean creeps up behind Leo and attempts to tickle his flank ]

Leo: “WHAT THE FUU..!!” 😨👊🏾

Dean: “It’s just me! Hah hah you shoulda seen your face, it was priceless!” 😂

Leo: “Dean? WTF are you doing, man? You came outta nowhere, scared the living F#@# outta me! Why???” 🤬

Dean: “Aaahhhh just messing with you, man! Chill!” 😀

Leo: “Chill?? Good god, Dean… you’re SOOO dumb. I mean we cool and all – Whole Foods or in the Serengeti, I got your back 24/7 – but don’t you know I’m literally a Lion, bro? Do you SEE this body, these long claws n’ teeth, and my supple, rippling, powerful cat muscles (#nohomo)?” 😎

Dean: “I know, I know… my bad, bro…” 🙂

Leo: “Just sayin’. My deep-seated wild animal Instincts can kick in ANYTIME, bro! And I don’t wanna accidentally react and rip your throat off with one swipe!” 😜

Dean: “OK that was a tad graphic and awfully-specific, but it’s aight, fine, I got you. No more pranks.” 😐

Leo: “Oh, pranks are fine… Just not on ME. Hey wanna hear about the fake email I sent that naive pretty-boy Cecil while he’s on vacation in Zimbabwe? I told him that an American ✌🏾veterinarian✌🏾 Doctor named Walter Palmer is going to give him a “wellness check visit” on July 25, 2015. Nothing can go wrong, can it?” 😂

Dean: “Oh my god. You’re a monster.” 😧

The Whore Industry

Pimp 'Pretty Hoe' lured teen girls into sex trade | The Kingston ...

Ever wonder why the Internet is full of porn, more is added daily, and yet their web traffic increases pretty steadily and consistently? Ever wonder why this particular industry – both legitimate pornography and random stripper/whore videos on Instagram – defies traditional Economic Models of Supply and Demand?

Due to an inherited defect in the human brain, “sex sells”. This means that no matter how many painted whores upload their retarded whore videos, the traffic remains constant.

It’s a “recession-proof” industry, albeit one that is accessible to only a particular demographic, within a particular time frame of their otherwise empty existence.

To wit: The American-Black Whore industry is actually a big part of the National GDP. Unfortunately, ZERO politicians and ZERO financial analysts bring up this fact when talking. They acting as if porn and whoring don’t exist.

I wonder how – or IF – mainstream media might overcome this stigma in the next century or so.